Online Casinos Guide 2019

All you need to gamble safely at trustworthy sites.

Welcome, fellow gamblers. With so many thousands of online casinos out there, choosing one that is safe, secure and honest can seem a daunting challenge. We know that playing online can be a great source of entertainment – and cash. And we also know that there are many people who would love to play, if only they knew which ones to trust, and how to tell the difference.

That's why we've introduced CasinoKim!

Your all-round authority to show you the ropes, help you avoid the pitfalls and find only the very best places to play.

This includes:

  • Honest, no-nonsense reviews of every online casino that launches
  • Advice on those that offer the best player experience
  • Which casinos will pay out your winnings swiftly
  • How to evaluate bonus offers smartly, to get the best value
  • Guides for all casino games, with tips on how to boost your odds
  • The very best mobile casinos, to keep up with the latest gambling trends

Top 2019 Casino Reviews by Kim

150% up to
when you deposit
  • Avg Payout Time: 1-2 Days
  • Avg Payout Pct: 96.80%
  • Software: 1x2Gaming
150% up to
over 3 deposits
  • Avg Payout Time: 48-72 Hours
  • Avg Payout Pct: 95.36%
  • Software: Realtime Gaming
Claim up to
over 5 deposits
  • Avg Payout Time: 1-2 Days
  • Avg Payout Pct: 96.65%
  • Software: Microgaming

Finding the Best Online Casinos

Of course one of the things we look for is a good juicy welcome bonus. However, we make sure we find the right bonuses for you. What makes us different from so many other casino guides is that while we definitely go out there and find the biggest and best welcome bonuses for you, we read the fine print too. We don't simply focus on a tantalising number flashing across the website. We read the terms and conditions, to work out if this is in fact a good offer or not. Often the playthrough conditions are so onerous that it will be virtually impossible to every withdraw any of your actual welcome bonus. We help you to avoid these scenarios, so that you really do get to enjoy the great extra money that you've won.

Every casino you see listed and reviewed in our guide has passed all our other quality tests as well. With the Internet having effectively removed global geographical barriers, it's now all too easy for the "fly by nights" to have a go at getting their hands on some quick loot. You can rest assured that none of these appear in our guide, and we'll often red-flag a casino if we suspect any nefarious activity. We also ensure that al our recommended casinos are members of and certified by an officially registered casino oversight body, such as eCOGRA. It goes without saying that we also check to see that the casino's licensing is fully in order and that the latest audit reports on payout percentages are available.

A crucial factor on which an online casino can stand or fall is the security and ease of use of the banking methods it employs. We look for a decent variety of well-known and trusted banking method suppliers on offer by the casino, and then make deposits and withdrawals to test the speed and efficiency of the process from end to end.

We categorise our reviews in a number of ways, to make our guide as user-friendly as we can. You can browse according to the country in which you live, to find the best casinos that serve UK players, South Africans, Italians or those who hail from Scandinavia. We cover the globe.

The result is that by consulting our casino guide you will always be assured of finding casinos that offer excellent entertainment, utmost integrity, supportive and friendly player service, nice big bonuses and ongoing promotions to keep you excited.

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Jan, 11 2018

One Small Step for US Online Gambling Legalization?

The Republican-led Pennsylvania House may have shone a glimmer of light in the direction of the legalization of online gambling for US players. Although it's far too early to drum up too much enthusiasm, the gambling expansion attached to the House's budget plan gives some insight into the possible directions that legislators are exploring to balance the books.
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Jan, 12 2018

UK Labour Party Pledges More Help For Problem Gamblers

The Labour Party in the UK has come out strongly in support of more far-reaching measures to address problem gambling. It has called for problem gambling treatment to be made accessible through the UK's National Health Service (NHS), funded by a "Problem Gambling Tax" on gambling industry operators.
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Jan, 12 2018

Scientific Games adds NYX Gaming to its Portfolio

Scientific Games, a foremost manufacturer of slots and other video gaming machines, has purchased one of its major competitors, NYX Gaming, for a reported sum of $632-million. Not only is this in line with current global trends towards convergence in all industries, it also gives Scientific Games a powerful and much-needed foothold in the online gambling market.
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Kim's Insights

Jan, 17 2018

Winning at Roulette

Roulette is primarily a game of chance, because you have no influence over where the ball lands on the wheel - this is completely random. The area that you can control is the way you bet, so in order to minimise losses and maximise your odds of winning is to concentrate on this area. There are dozens of betting strategies, some useful, others not. While these are no guarantee of any sort of success, what follows is an overview of the most popular ones that regular players recommend. Every little thing you can do to overcome the house edge is worth trying.
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Jan, 11 2018

Winning at Blackjack

All gambling games favour the casino, as the odds have been carefully calculated to ensure that the house will win a little bit more than it loses in the long run. This is known as the house edge. For instance, slot games typically have a payout percentage that varies between 94% and 98%, which means that over time you will win $94 to $98 for every $100 you bet. The difference is the profit the casino makes on the accumulation of everything you've wagered on the game in any given session and in your playing lifetime.
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Jan, 17 2018

How to Become a Professional Gambler

The key reason why relatively so few people actually become successful gamblers: it's a lot harder than one might think. It requires an enormous amount of dedication, a very thick skin, an appetite for realistic risk-taking, smart money management, and the ability to instantly bounce back from adversity.
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Are Online Casinos Safe?

It's important to note that any site recommended by us is SAFE.

The online casino industry is a massive enterprise, employing millions of people across the world, and servicing many more millions with the entertainment it provides. It would thus seem imperative that it remains safe and secure, both for punters and operators alike. Without this it would collapse, to the detriment of everyone. Therefore it is in the interests of the online casinos to make every effort to keep it fair and protect players.

That said, like any industry, it needs responsible oversight and built-in technological mechanisms, precisely to prevent the tiny group of chancers that inevitably spring up wherever there is money to be made.

The first layer of protection is contained in the game itself, using what's known as a Random Number Generator (RNG). Simply put, it's a computer algorithm that makes sure each number it puts out is completely mathematically random. Which means that when the computer puts out a card value, a dice number or a roulette spin, they are exactly the same as they would have been if someone had chosen them randomly in the real world. The games are thus true to real life.

Now that we know the games are safe, let's turn to the casinos themselves. As we mentioned above, any reputable casino - and every one on our list has to have 3 things:

  1. A full licence from a recognised authority
  2. Membership of an online casino monitoring organisation
  3. Latest payout audit reports available

Lastly, all transactions you make with the casino are carried on lines that use 128-bit security encryption, which is the strongest commercially available, and all your information and casino credits are stored in high security facilities behind ultra-modern firewalls.

Our Casino Guide - information on all casino games

There's something for everything in our casino guide. Even if you've played hundreds of hands of blackjack, you could find a tip to give you that little extra edge. If you're a novice, this is the perfect place to start. you can download one of our recommended casinos for free and then practice all the games, using our game guides and "How To Play" articles.

It will also help you to decide which games you prefer, as there are so many out there, from video slots to video pokers, blackjack to baccarat, roulette, the ever-popular craps, and then the Oriental inspired games like Keno and Sic Bo. Don't forget to read all about the different variations of each game, as they can make all the difference to the odds – that extra green square on an American Roulette table, for example.

So, we're keeping tabs on all the new offers, casino launches, and loyalty programmes at all the casinos for you. All you have to do is check back here often with Kim to stay on top of your game.

About CasinoKim

CasinoKim is a seasoned team of experts in all aspects of online gambling, from how to play the games successfully and how to recognise the bona fides of a casino, to how to find the bonus deals that will benefit you most in the long run.

Kim herself has a long pedigree in the real-world industry, working behind the scenes for a number of luminary casinos. Sensing a phase shift that was about to happen back in the '90s, she has since focused on analysing the online casino industry exclusively.

The team she has assembled is equally as experienced in their fields, be that reviewing casinos, evaluating bonus offers actuarially or doggedly testing casinos' player support levels.

This means that you only get the most accurate, unbiased assessments when you read our reviews, the most insightful tips in our game guides, and the most trustworthy recommendations on where to play.

CasinoKim FAQ

Online casinos are a perfect form of stay-at-home entertainment, offering both fun and the chance of winning some spare cash. It's even more convenient if you take your gambling a bit more seriously, as you can work from home, so to speak. So to help you get the most out of it, here are some of the more common questions we come across from our readers...

There are many things that make sure you're protected at online casinos; certainly the ones we recommend. They use high-end SSL encryption to protect your transactions, store all your information on very securely protected servers, and only use well-known, recognised banking methods. They are licensed in major jurisdictions and constantly monitored by various oversight organisations. Their payout percentages are also regularly audited to ensure fair play. You can thus feel completely confident in playing at any of the casinos that we recommend.

The games at all major casinos have been developed by highly-experienced and reputable games software development companies, whose games all need to be certified by an independent organisation that they are completely random and fair. The online casinos that use these games are able to tweak the odds slightly, but not in a way as to make any of them unfair. However, a small difference in payout percentages can affect your winnings significantly, so make sure you check our reviews for the best games to play.

There are various licensing jurisdictions around the world, like the Gibraltar Licensing Authority, the Kahnawake Gambling Commission and the UK Gambling Commission. Any reputable casino must register with one of these authorities. Then there are the oversight organisations, like eCOGRA, whose role is to mediate in disputes between players and onilne casinos, and to ensure that the operators adhere to restrictions and requirements. Finally there are the payout auditors, who are usually large international companies like PWC, whose task it is to examine the casino's payouts of winnings and issue certificates of these percentages.

Naturally the short answer to this is to simply consult our recommended casinos guide – we've done all of the legwork for you. Or you could just pick one of the big names you've heard of. However, shoould you come across an interesting new casino with a great welcome offer and want to check it out yourself, look right at the bottom of the website. Here you will find logos of the oversight bodies of which the casino is a member, as well as its licensing information. There will often be a link to the casino's auditing reports as well.

Once again, there's a short answer to this one: any of them. To cast their player net as widely as possible, casinos make sure that they offer all the variations that users require, as do the software developers. As a result you can use a desktop or laptop, either by downloading and installing the casino software and launching the programme when you want to play, or by simply opening a browser and going to the instant play part of the casino. The games will play easily in your browser. You can have the same experience on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

The house edge is a small mathematical advantage that the casino has in each game. It's typically between 3% and 6% and, while it means that for every dollar you bet you can expect 97c - 94c in winnings, luck of course over-rides this edge, in the form of the bigger wins. The house edge is usually exactly the same at online casinos, and in some cases may be even more favourable to players than at real-world casinos. Look for the 100-hand video poker games, for instance, rather than a jackpot slot.

All the major casinos offer all the games you'd expect to find at any normal casino: table games like roulette, card games like blackjack and baccarat, casino pokers, video pokers, slots, wheels of fortune and scratch cards. In fact, there are often many more variations of these than you'd find in the real world, as casinos can roll out more and more new and different games without being in any way restricted by physical floor space.

This depends on the online gambling laws and banking regulations of your own country, so make sure you check exactly what these are. As for playing in your own currency, this depends on the casino. The largest ones offer many currency variations, from the standard dollars, Euros and pounds, the Czech krone and Chinese renmi. The casino will usually offer this information in the form of flag icons on its home page.

Unfortunately the Internet offers no more answers to that question than does the Vegas Strip. By the same token this implies that any blackjack strategies or roulette betting patterns you feel work for you will apply equally online. One big advantage you have when playing at on online casino is that you can play all of the games for free as much as you like, to refine your approach or discover which games you feel offer the best payout possibilities.