Creating An Online Casino Account

Once you have downloaded and installed the software for an online casino, you will need to log in, in order to gain access to the online casino along with all of its games. If you don't already have and account, you are also given the option to create one. Creating your account at an online casino is very easy. Once you select the option to create a new account, you will be directed to an account creation screen, where you can then enter all of the required details. has made a simple guide to creating an online casino account in 10 steps:

1. Enter Your Email Address

You will need to provide your email address, as it is often used as a means to confirm the creation of your online casino account. You can also use it to sign up for different casino offers - so be sure that you have access to the email address and know the password to it.

2. Create A Password

A password is needed to access your casino account within the online casino software, so you should choose one that you will not forget. Your password is also what protects your account from being accessed by others, so make sure that it cannot be easily guessed - sometimes the software will tell you how strong your password is while you are typing it.

3. Confirm Your Password

To confirm that you haven't accidentally mistyped the password that you entered, you will be asked on many account creation pages to re-enter your password in another block.

4. Enter Your Phone Number

Only rarely will an online casino actually need to call you, but they are required to know your phone number for security reasons. When you contact customer service, your phone number will be used in the conformation of your identity, in order to protect your personal details and finances.

5. Enter The Number For Your Mobile Phone

This is kept as a backup phone number for extra security. You needn't worry about casinos constantly bombarding you with calls or text messages, as all the chosen sites are strictly following an Anti-Spam policy.

6. Enter Your Date Of Birth

Your date of birth is required to make sure that you are of legal gambling age - if you are not, your account creation will be terminated.

7. Choose The Form Of Currency You Want To Use

This lets your chosen casino know how you wish to make deposits, withdrawals and even play the casino games. This way, any transactions can be made in your preferred currency, even if the online casino is not based locally.

8. Choose Your Language

As the online casino industry has grown internationally, more and more online casinos support multiple different languages. Entering your language into this field will allow the casino to communicate with you through things like customer support in that language.

9. Provide Your Personal Information

Your personal details are needed in order to help online casinos verify your identity, and will never be shared among other parties. Some things that online casinos ask for include your full name, address and gender.

10. Provide Legal Confirmation

This is the final step of creating your online casino account, and it's really quite simple. By checking the box (or boxes, as they are sometimes presented separately) provided you are confirming that you are of legal gambling age and that you accept the license agreement of the online casino. You will be given a link to the casino's Terms and Conditions, which you should be sure to read before you finish creating your account.

Now all you need to do is click the button that says 'Create Account' and, depending on the casino, you will be automatically logged in or taken to the log in page where you will need to enter your email address and your password. Some online casinos give you the option to choose a username as a part of the process of making your account, while others assign a temporary username to you, which you can later change. In this case you can use your email address or your username, with your password, to log in.

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