Navigating Online Casino Software

While each online casino software is different, they all are laid out in a similar fashion. So no matter where you are playing, finding your favourite casino games is a breeze.

How To Find Your Way Around An Online Casino

1. The Home Screen

The home screen or 'lobby' of an online casino software is the first thing you will see when you log in to your online casino account, and where your journey at a new online casino begins. This is where you will be able to navigate to other sections of the casino software - the slot games, table games, cashier, customer service, your account settings and more. All of these links can be found as buttons on the home screen.

2. Viewing The Available Games

To browse all of the games an online casino has on offer, all you need to do is click on the button labled 'Games' found on the casinos home screen. This will bring up a menu showing the different types of games available, like slots, video poker, progressive jackpots, table games, multiplayer games and tournaments, just to name a few. Clicking on any of these sections will bring up a sub-menu listing the games in that category

3. Installing Games Individually

Often online casinos will include only a few basic games in the downloadable software, to make downloading the casino faster and to reduce the amount of space that the software takes up on your computer. This means that when you play a game for the very first time, it will need to be installed. The game will be installed directly in the software, and only needs to be installed once. Once this is done the game will remain in the software and the next time you want to play, you can do so immediately.

4. Playing The Games

Now that you know how to get around the casino software, you'll want to start playing your favourite games. Just double-click on the one you want to play to load it. When you want to leave a game, simply click the 'Exit' or 'Close' button. When you have got money in play, the software will ask you if you really want to leave the game. If you click yes, the game will close and your money is collected for you, so you need not worry about losing cash.

You will then be taken back to the home screen of the casino, from there you can find another game, deposit and withdraw money and so much more.

If you have explored an online casino and have found that it is not quite what you are looking for, you can look through's extensive list to find another.

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