Live Dealer Online Casinos

Expert Guide to the Top Live Dealer Casinos

Online gambling, as exciting as it is, and as convenient and relaxed as it is to gamble from the comfort of one's own home, still lacks the visceral element of a live casino experience.

One way that online casinos have attempted to bridge this gap is to use video streaming technology to offer live interactive casino games with live dealers. In these games players can talk and interact as they can in a traditional brick-and-mortor casino

Use Our Guide To Find Your Perfect Live Dealer Casino Match

Here's what we do for you:

  • Test all the different live dealer software providers, recommending the best
  • Evaluate the standard of the dealers offered by each live casino
  • Recommend live casinos with localised language options
  • Review each live dealer casino thoroughly
  • Determine which live casinos offer the most REAL gambling experience
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What We Look For When We Rate Our Top Live Dealer Online Casinos

Finding a reputable, reliable and enjoyable live dealer casino is no different to finding any other online casino to play at. It's about checking some very specific things, and making sure that they cut no corners when it comes to player security, a great gaming experience, and fair, transparent games.

Then there's the actual live dimension. This is no longer simulated casino software; it's a camera filming a real dealer overseeing a real game, streamed to us in real time. The dealers need to have the right personality and must control the game and the betting efficiently. Well-trained croupiers are an absolute necessity if an online casino is to live up to player expectations of a live casino.

So it's important that a casino offer a convincing live experience. We pay close attention to the following elements when we compile our list of the best live dealer casinos:

Security and Fairness

Any reputable live dealer casino must have an up-to-date independent auditing certificate, specifying the payout percentages across its games, and certifying that they are truly fair and random.


The ability to quickly withdraw your money without undue hassle is a non-negotiable. We evaluate how fast a casino processes withdrawals and deposits, and its choice of banking methods.

Player Service

We interact as much as possible with the casino support team, on issues ranging from software installation problems to deposit method advice, and look for speed, responsiveness and knowledge.

Mobile Gaming

In today's connected, mobile world, if a live dealer casino doesn't offer a mobile platform we are unlikely to place it on our list of the best. All our recommended casinos provide excellent mobile gambling.

Live Dealer Games

While it's much more resource-intensive to offer a wide variety of live dealer than games than simply rolling out software variations online, as far as possible we look for a reasonable game selection. Our chosen casinos must surely offer all the classic live dealer games.

Promotions and Offers

Not only must our chosen live dealer casinos have regular promotions, welcome bonuses and other promotional offers, the wagering conditions attached to these must be fair.

Top Tips for Playing Live Dealer Games
Use a high-speed broadband connection.
You want to avoid irritating stuttering and buffering.
Tip the dealer.
Yes, it's as important to observe casino niceties online.
Don't unnecessarily delay play.
Remember that you're playing with other live players.

How to play Live Dealer Games Online

There is little substantive difference between a live dealer casino game online and a software-driven online casino game. You interact with the game in exactly the same way, clicking to place you bets and then watching the action unfold, taking follow-up actions in a game like blackjack, or seeing the result of your bet immediately, as with roulette.

The only real difference is that the screen you are watching that shows the cards or the wheel spinning is a video stream of a live dealer replicating your actions on a real table in a physical location somewhere. You are effectively interacting with a TV broadcast.

It's the fact that there is a real dealer or croupier in the video you are watching, talking to you and responding to your clicks, that makes live dealer games much more fun to play. It's great to see your bet being placed exactly where you asked it to be, or to communicate your blackjack decisions via a button and then watch a live dealer execute them.

It would be great if all online casinos offered live dealer games, and if there were more variations available, but, like any live casino game, these require extra resources. So don't expect them at every online casino. Consult our list of the Top Live Dealer Casinos for more guidance.

Pros and Cons of Live Dealer Games

  • One of the best things about live dealer games – and also one of the reasons why so many people are drawn to them – is that they use real-world casino tables, shoes of cards and roulette wheels, exactly as you would find them in a land-based casino. Probably due to the length of time that these have been around and the fact that we now completely trust the reputable commercial casinos using them to be honest, we take for granted that these are inherently fair and random.
  • So we tend to immediately feel that a live dealer casino game is more trustworthy.
  • The other big plus of a live dealer casino is that we get to interact with the dealers - they can talk to us in real time and respond in real time to our game choices, that we have communicated and instant ago by clicking on our screens. We can chat to the dealers and ask them questions. In some high-end live dealer casinos we can also chat to the other players who are playing at the same blackjack table, for example.
  • The one main con about playing a live dealer game online is that the game play is a lot slower than a software-based online casino game. In a real-world casino we don't mind this, because we are ensconced in the atmosphere and the company. This isn't the same online, so some people experience live dealer games to be less satisfying.
  • The other drawback for some players is that live dealer games aren't often available at the lower betting limits, meaning that to play them you have to be able to stomach higher bets at real money tables. The reason for this is that it costs more to run a live dealer game than to simply let pre-downloaded software do all the work.
  • The final reason why some people are a little averse to live dealer online casino games is that they are more bandwidth intensive, given the amount of streaming video that is being transmitted. This isn't a problem for people living in countries that have cheap, fast broadband, but it can be an obstacle for players in other countries.
  • On balance, it's up to you to decide if you enjoy live dealer casino games online. They certainly add a great extra dimension, so if you want to explore the options, check out the Guide to Live Dealer Casinos Online.

FAQs on Live Dealer Online Casinos

Absolutely. What you are seeing, and playing, is simply a video feed of your table, which is operated in exactly the same way as if you were sitting right there in a casino, using exactly the same equipment.

You will certainly need a bona fide broadband connection to play live dealer casino games, as it involves the streaming of live video, often in high definition. This means that you want to avoid any buffering, otherwise the entire experience will be ruined. That said, most developed countries in the world have broadband infrastructures that are more than sufficient to support live dealer online casino play.

Due to the nature of the different types of casino games, you won't find them all at live dealer casinos – after all, what would be the point of showing you a screen containing another video poker screen? You may as well just play the software version on your computer as normal. What you will find are all the classic casino table games, like blackjack, baccarat, roulette and craps.

Yes, you will need to install the online casino software as usual, and then connect to the live dealer games via the usual lobby. Alternatively, some casinos will have a browser-based interface in which you can play live casino games.

Unfortunately not, as it's not economical to run live dealer casinos where real money isn't being exchanged, as there is no revenue for the casino. However, you'll find that these games are identical to those that you find in your local casino, so there is no need to practice anything.

Increasingly yes. With mobile becoming the number one way of accessing the Internet around the world, most live dealer casinos offer smartphone and tablet versions of their software, so you can gamble at a live dealer table from wherever you are.