Recommended Real Money Online Slots 2019

Expert Guide to the Top Online Slots Casinos

Slots, in all their forms, from the classic 3-reels to sophisticated 50-reel multi-payline video slots, are the most popular online casino games, just as in the real world. As a result, online casinos churn out new slots by the dozen, making it hard for players to keep up when looking for the ones that offer the best value for your playing time and the money you bet.

We save you the virtual legwork to find the really good online casinos offering the best range of slots. We've put all our results together in the definitive guide to where play slots online for the most enjoyment and value for money.

Use Our Guide To Find Your Perfect Slots Casino Match

Our Online Slots Guide includes:

  • How to Play Better Slots.
  • Choosing the Best Online Slots Casino.
  • How to Increase Your Slots Winnings.
  • How to Practise Your Slots Play for Free.
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How to Play Better Slots

Slots have come a long way since the days of the corner shop fruit machine. The advent of the silicon chip unleashed the full digital potential of these games, allowing developers to quickly, easily and cost-effectively roll out multitudes of variations on this classic game, with computers making complicated payout calculations across a hundred or more paylines.

So today we have many dozens of paylines, more reels, bonus games, free spins, wild symbols, expanding wilds, animated game features, storylines and plots, and anything else that inventive slots developers can dream up. A recent and very welcome development has been the licensing of some of the most popular movies and video games, giving us awesome new video slots like Hitman, the Marvel Comics range, and the superb Game of Thrones series.

Confronted with all of this, how do you decide which slots offer the best chances of winning? Playing better slots starts with choosing the right game. That's where we come in. We look at the payout percentages and carefully scrutinise the paytables of every slots game available, in order to recommend the games that will help you play better and win more.

We look at the bonus games and extra features that these slots offer, evaluating them across several criteria, from their fun factor to the chances you have of winning extra cash playing them.

4 Tips to Playing Slots Online
Bet the maximum number of paylines - Rather choose lower value bets than sacrifice any paylines, as jackpots require that you bet on all paylines.
Know the rules - Make sure that you know if there are any specific requirements to win bonus jackpots, like minimum coin size.
Take advantage of free play - Play the free versions of the slots to discover the ins and outs of exactly how they work, and the best betting patterns to use.

The 3 Main Types of Slots

  • Classic 3-reel slots - These are the old fruit machine style slots with very basic features. They seldom offer bonus games and are the simplest form of slots.
  • Multi-reel, multi-payline video slots - These usually have 5 reels, but can have as many as 9. They also have many more paylines, sometimes up to 100.
  • Progressive jackpot slots- These jackpots accumulate by taking a small percentage of all bets from all players on the jackpot network. They can become massive.

Getting Started with Online Slots

Fortunately for novice players, slots are the simplest games you could wish to play – even the modern multi-line slots. In fact they're so easy that you can play a few at the same time. Here's how to play most slots games:

  1. Select a slots game from the casino lobby and open it.
  2. Choose the amount you want to bet by selecting a coin size.
  3. Choose how many paylines you want to bet on.
  4. Click on the Spin button.
  5. That's it. You'll be paid out if you hit any of the winning combinations when the reels come to rest.
  6. At this point some slots may give you the option of increasing your winnings by playing a quick side game of like War.

So if slots are so easy to play, you may well ask if you can play them at any old casino. The answer is, no. Not all casinos offer the same payout percentages on slots, for a start. That's why we're here to guide you through choosing the best online slots casinos.

4 Tips for Finding the Best Online Slots Casino

You can vastly increase your enjoyment of your online slots play if you're playing on slots games that are correctly balanced so as to provide the right combination of enjoyment and risk. How can you tell this?

Find the best payout percentage - The payout percentage is the average return that you can expect on your bets over the long term on the particular slots game. For instance, if the slot boasts a payout percentage of 97%, this means that for every $1 you bet, you can expect a return of 97c over time.
Get yourself a nice hefty welcome bonus - but be careful - You'll usually be offered a welcome bonus when you register a real money account at an online slots casino. This effectively gives you free money to bolster your starting bankroll.
Just be aware that these bonuses will come with wagering requirements attached. You want to find the slots casinos that have high bonuses with less strict wagering requirements. This is where our guide to online slots casinos will help you immensely.
Pay judicious attention to progressive jackpots - Progressive jackpots are very seductive because they're usually so big. Novices can be tempted into overplaying them, however. The problem is that they have lower payout percentages than the other slots, so you're not really getting the best return on your money.
The trick is to dip into them every now and then - after all, you know you're after a fluke anyway, so it doesn't matter when it comes.
Only play at trustworthy slots casinos with reputations for quick payouts - The single biggest gripe about the less popular online casinos is how long they take to process withdrawals. We've checked out each one and have only recommended slots casinos that are not only reputable, but have fast payouts.
How to Increase Your Slots Winnings

We all know that slots, perhaps more than other casino games, are ruled by Lady Luck. So while there isn't much you can actually do to increase you chances of winning, to be brutally honest, there are a few ways that you can play with the odds, rather than against them.

  • Jackpots - It's obvious that you'll want to chase the jackpots, but remember that many slots will have a minimum payline or bet requirement in order to win them, so check the rules for each game. You'll usually have to bet the maximum coin size across all the paylines, so choose a slots game where you can afford to do this.
  • Wilds - Nowadays these come in plenty of variations, like expanding Wilds and exploding Wilds. They substitute for other symbols to complete winning combinations and they can increase payouts quite significantly.
  • Bonus Features - Most video slots have bonus game features that are not only fun, but can also earn you some decent extra cash. Try to trigger these whenever you can. The slot will usually have an info page telling you how to do so.
Best for Slot Games
  • Wonderfully different games selection
  • Excellent mobile play version
  • Superb player-friendliness

Inner Workings of a Slots Paytable

Paytables are indispensable. They are your guides to how each combination of symbols pays out in the game. They also tell you which symbols are Wild, how to unlock bonus games and how to trigger free spins.

This is extremely useful because it helps you to understand why you have won each time you do, and gives you a clear idea of what you need to do to maximize your winnings.

Slots paytables work very simply, and they're easy to read once you know how. They are divided into rows determined by bet size, allowing you to read across and see how much you will win if you bet a specific amount, with all the possible ways to win set out. For example, you will be able to tell that if you bet 10c across all 25 paylines, you can expect to win 5x your bet on each active payline, as well as being eligible for the jackpot.

Make the Most Out of Every Bet

It's tempting to dial up the bet amount when you're playing real money slot machines, and bet on fewer paylines. That way your bet costs you less, but still gives a nice return when you win.

This isn't the best way to optimize your betting, however. By reducing the number of paylines you're logically reducing the chances of a winning combination coming up. But there's another very important reason too.

Many video slots require that you bet on all the paylines to be eligible for the jackpot. There's nothing worse than seeing the jackpot combination come up on the reels only for it not to count because you were only playing half the reels.

Our advice here is to make the most out of every bet, by maximising the potential return. Give yourself the best chance of triggering the bonus features, free spins and jackpot payouts. Consult the paytable to see how to unlock these in the game, as we've explained above.

Online Slots FAQ

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about playing online slots and how to play them at online casinos:

Yes they do. It's about spinning the reels and seeing if the combinations of symbols that result match any of the winning combinations. The only difference is that there is more scope for bonus games, plus you don't use physical buttons to spin the reels.

Absolutely. Every online slots casino will let you play all their slots using casino credits that they supply. It's an excellent way to find your way around before playing any of the slots games for real money.

You need to look for its certifications and licensing information, firstly. This will tell you that you're dealing with an above-board online casino. Also have a look at the games audit reports that the best casinos will display, so you can see what their payout percentages actually are.

Casinos are generally part of jackpot networks, where every bet placed at every member casino on their progressive slots donates a small percentage to a global jackpot.

Of course. It's exactly the same as at a real-world casino – people win all the time. Most of them are moderate wins of course, just as at real casinos but some spare money is always welcome. And there is the same potential to win really big jackpots.

As long as they have been properly certified and licensed, and are regularly independently audited, you can.

Once again, consult our online slots casinos guide. It's your best way of ensuring you play at a reputable casino.